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Put out a plant pot and ‘make a difference’ to ‘Penrith in Bloom’

Penrith in Bloom

After a successful year in 2018, when Penrith gained an array of regional and national ’in bloom’ awards, the Town is gearing up again for the 2019 competitions.

Cumbria in Bloom judges will visit Penrith on 9th July, while Britain in Bloom judges will tour the Town on 2nd August. They will assess horticultural and environmental achievements as well as the level of community participation. The judges will begin their tour on 9th July by watching a short film produced for ‘Penrith in Bloom,’ to highlight the projects that help build pride in the town.

Penrith Town Council is absolutely delighted to be coordinating the many creative entries for awards, and is extremely proud of the community groups, businesses, schools and local residents, who have created the highly imaginative, practical and environmentally friendly projects all around the town.

If you haven’t done so already, we would like to ask you to support ‘Penrith in Bloom’ by putting a pot of colourful flowers outside your home or business. Even if you don’t have a large garden or much space, the blooms will help brighten your area and make the town even more attractive. If you really can’t put out a pot of blooms, could you please pick up any litter you see lying about. It’s all about pride in the town, so please join in and do your bit.

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