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Carlisle MP pushes for A69 improvements

John Stevenson MP

John Stevenson MP for Carlisle has had a meeting with Transport for the North to continue his campaign to improve the A69.

John has successfully lobbied Government to improve road infrastructure to and around our city, including the announcement earlier this year that saw Government commit £102 Million to complete the ring road around Carlisle; effectively joining the Northern Development route with Junction 42 of the M6.

Mr Stevenson said: “Carlisle has been very fortunate in recent weeks with investment for infrastructure and we also see flights taking off from Carlisle Airport this week.

“I wanted to impress upon Transport for the North the importance of connections to the city; not just accessibility around Carlisle but infrastructure that connects us with other towns and cities.

“The A69 is very important for haulage, commuters and those visiting Carlisle for leisure. With the introduction of Carlisle Airport, more people will be encouraged to travel to our city and the A69 in its current state is dangerous in parts; especially at Warwick Bridge and Warwick on Eden. I want to see an alternative proposal on the table from Transport for the North that will alleviate this danger.”