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Cumbria First Candidate for Penrith South by-election

Cumbria First are pleased to today announce our party candidate in the upcoming Eden Council by-election for the Penrith South Ward.

Our Candidate Kerryanne Wilde has served the local community through her charity Cert(UK) formerly Eden Flood Volunteers with work supporting flood victims in across Cumbria including many in the Penrith area after the devastating effects of storm Desmond in 2015.

Kerryanne has long championed and supported the area on local issues including the need to regenerate and support or town centre, deliver affordable homes in the local area.

Provide reliable connected public transport that connects our rural communities to Penrith.

As a member of Putting Cumbria First Kerryanne like everyone in the party is passionate about delivering Grass roots up politics and local government for the people by the people and accountable directly to the people.

Kerryanne has as part of her recent work in the community helped raise £1000 for Penrith Day Centre through a fundraiser, she organised to support the centre and has another fundraiser for Maggie’s Centre Cancer going live over the next few days.

Cumbria First are proud to have Kerryanne stand for the party in this By-Election to enable the party to gain a seat on Eden Council to take forward the drive and policy of the party of #PuttingCumbriaFirst delivering a voice for you and your family on local issues.

Kerryanne will be out and about over the next few weeks in the Penrith South ward hoping to meet with and have a conversation with as many of you as possible.

Cumbria First are as a party committed to Putting Cumbria First representing you and your family and the place we all call home first. The party is a centrist party that looks to re-balance and unite so we can all move forward together #PuttingCumbriaFirst.

If you have any item’s you would like to discuss directly or just arrange to meet Kerryanne than please do get in touch with us any time via our website or call the Cumbria First office direct on 01768 800220.

This article has been created by Jonathan Davies Party leader of Cumbria First on behalf of Kerryanne Wild as candidate.