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Brexit Party names David Walker as prospective parliamentary candidate for Copeland

David Walker

David Walker has been announced as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Copeland.

David, 59, is a former dentist and property developer who lives in Cumbria having first fallen in love with the county in1984,

He explained, “I am standing in the Copeland Constituency and feel personally attached to the area. Although I live just marginally just outside the constituency in Rydal, my youngest children will be going to school there when they leave junior school, we receive health care there, we shop there, we spend time there and we love it!

“I feel that the people of the area, who by a large majority voted for Brexit, deserve to have their democratic vote respected (62% in the 2016 Referendum).

“With Labour now firmly a Remain party and with the Conservative incumbent repeatedly voting for Theresa May’s awful deal, I feel the time for a new person to champion the people’s wishes is now overdue.

“Politics is in need of repair, as is democracy. We need both reform, such as proportional representation and also we need trust re-establishing. I don’t see this happening with either of the two established parties in Westminster without new blood and a new way. Politics simply needs to change….and for good.

“Job creation (supporting both nuclear power and the coal industry), Health, Social Care, inward investment, education, improving the internet, transport and reviving town centres are all on my priority list, as is stopping vanity projects like HS2, reducing foreign aid to appropriate levels and no longer propping up the EU with our money.”

David, a father-of-11, is retired which he explained means he has the time to devote to Copeland full time.

North West Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen welcomed David’s selection, saying, “David is very much a man of the world, unlike so many of our out-of-touch Westminster politicians, and he brings a wealth of experience with him.

“He is standing in a constituency where there was a very clear mandate for Leave and David is determined that their views should not be betrayed.”

Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman said, “ The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election with a full slate of candidates in all the UK’s 650 constituencies. We will take on the major parties, which have failed the British people time and time again.

“The vast majority of our candidates are entering politics for the first time and they come from all walks of life, backgrounds, races and religions. Their greatest strength is that they are not professional politicians, but are competent individuals, connected to their local areas and issues they seek to represent.

“They have achieved great things in their professional or personal life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners and economists – to teachers, academics, forklift drivers and bankers. We all share a commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy and change politics for good.”