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Penrith teenager who repeatedly flouted court order is locked up

Carlisle Crown Court

A PENRITH teenager who repeatedly breached a suspended prison sentence has been locked up by a judge who concluded he had “reached the end of the line”.

Xander Lyndon Cossey, 19, was punished in January having been in public possession of a knife with an eight-inch blade in the town’s Old London Road at 4am on December 1. Cossey received a suspended custodial sentence and community requirements comprising a curfew and rehabilitation.

But the teen was brought back to Carlisle Crown Court in July, when he admitted breaching those requirements. He had racked up a number of curfew violations, caused damage to the monitoring equipment and missed appointments.

On that occasion, Cossey was spared prison and given a curfew extension. But just 10 days later he committed a further breach of the court order by failing to attend an office appointment.

Cossey, of Mary Langley Way, Penrith, accepted that breach at the crown court this afternoon (FRI) when it was said he had showed a “wilful disregard” for his obligations.

After hearing mitigation, Judge James Adkin activated three months of the original custodial sentence. “I am afraid you have reached the end of the line,” said Judge Adkin. “You won’t be given a further opportunity.”