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History Book About Cleator Moor Published

Tom Duffy Author Of Cleator Moor Revealed

In 2003, Mr Tom Duffy from Cleator Moor released his book, ‘Cleator Moor Revealed’ to much acclaim. During that year, the book was constantly listed in the top 10 books of Cumbria for a six month period. That accolade proved how popular local history, and Tom’s book in particular were. A limited print run of 1,000 copies quickly cleared the shelves.

Now, sixteen years later Tom has revisited his book and released a second edition with extra content. During its first week of release on Amazon, the book tipped the scales at Number 24, as a British History best seller, which is quite the achievement when pitted against the likes of Winston Churchill’s autobiography.

Cleator Moor Revealed discloses the ‘highs and lows’ of a town which was once at the heart of British Industry, feeding the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain. From the origins of its name through its development as a prosperous mining town, Tom has searched out all the kind of details that make this a fascinating read.

82-year-old Tom said: “Having seen old copies of my book sold on the Internet for £250, I decided to revisit the history of Cleator Moor, and publish an updated version at a much more reasonable price. Cleator Moor Revealed will make an ideal addition to the collection of local history enthusiasts; for those wanting to learn more about their roots; or simply as a gift for those that love the town, which is also known as Little Ireland.”

Cleator Moor Revealed is available worldwide from Amazon. ISBN-13: 978-1687094957.


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