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New programme provides a ‘bridge’ into employment for students within NHS Trust

Cumberland Infirmary

A brand new programme has helped students gain employment as bank health care assistants at North Cumbria University Hopsitals NHS Trust (NCUH).

The ‘bridge to the bank’ programme is a three week scheme that has been set up to help nurse cadets and health and social care students get the required experience to work for the Trust as health care assistants.

James Manser, Learning Facilitator at NCUH coordinated the programme. He said: “We decided to launch the programme to provide nurse cadets and health and social care students with a ‘bridge’ into employment with the Trust as health care assistants which could then lead to other career opportunities such as nursing apprenticeships and other substantive nursing posts.”

Chris Greensmith, 18, health and social care student from Carlisle who successfully completed the programme, said: “Bridge to the bank was the most beneficial course of my entire life. It taught me valuable life skills and gave me the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge on healthcare and also gave me the chance to work as a proper employee in a health care environment. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and made my dreams of working in health care come true.”

Upon successful completion of the programme, which involves essential training and knowledge to prepare students for the role of a health care assistant, a guaranteed interviewed for a bank health care assistant is offered.

Amy Cockton, Assistant Learning Facilitator at the Trust added: “We’re delighted that following our first cohort of students on the programme that nine of them have been successful in completing the scheme and now plan to work as bank health care assistants alongside their studies. We are now planning for the next cohort which will be in the summer of 2020 after schools and colleges finish.”

The ‘bridge to the bank’ programme is available for those aged 18 and over who are currently studying BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in HSC or CACHE Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social care. The programme is ideal for those who have not secured a place at university and/or considering apprenticeship opportunities within the NHS. For more information on the programme or other similar programmes contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

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