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“Down on his luck” fisherman turned drug dealer is reeled in by police

Alan Green

A “DOWN on his luck” fisherman who was found to be a heroin and crack cocaine dealer has been jailed for almost three years.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Alan Stuart Green “relapsed” into class A drug addition after a near-tragedy at sea. Green was said to have been the skipper of a boat which sank, resulting in the crew being trapped under water by ropes which one member was, through “good fortune”, able to cut.

Green, 42, then became a heavy user of drugs, and was arrested after police stopped him on Anchorite Road in Kendal on August 7. He was searched and found to be in possession of heroin and crack cocaine potentially worth hundreds of pounds if peddled on the street.

Green admitted possessing both substances with intent to supply. However, he dismissed any notion of commercial supply, claiming instead that he and three pals had pooled money and decided to buy the illegal substances in bulk from a Kendal dealer.

But after hearing evidence today (THURS) from Green and also a police field intelligence officer, Judge James Adkin dismissed the defendant’s claims. “A number of aspects of his account defy belief,” observed Judge Adkin, who concluded: “He was operating as a low level street dealer.”

After hearing strong personal mitigation given on behalf of father-of-one Green, latterly of Crag Bank Road, Carnforth, Judge Adkin imposed a 35-month jail term.

Of Green, who also admitted cannabis possession, the judge said: “It seems to me you are a rather inadequate individual who is down on his luck.”

DC Tom Pearman, of South Cumbria Area Intelligence Unit, said after the hearing: “This is another example of officers targeting those in the South Lakes involved in class A drug supply. We will continue to focus on this issue which is a priority for both Cumbria Police and the residents of the South Lakes area.”