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Demolition plan for Central Plaza building

Victoria Viaduct (photo Paul Grindley)

A Cumbrian contractor has been appointed to undertake the enabling works on the Central Plaza building on Victoria Viaduct in Carlisle.

This includes installing hoardings to secure the perimeter and providing 24-hour security, sub-contracted to a local company.

Carlisle City Council spokesperson said: “Our priority is to ensure the Central Plaza building is safe and all possible steps are being taken to find the quickest way to do this.

“A specialist demolition engineer has visited the site today (Tuesday 15 October) and alongside our consulting structural engineer and principal designer will draw together a demolition plan. He will advise on how to remove the immediate danger.

“A recent inspection of the building found the building to be at risk and action is needed to make the building safe. We have a duty to ensure that the property does not cause an immediate danger to persons in and around the building.

“The listed building has no owner (the building is currently in escheat but rests with the Crown Estate). We would normally pursue the owner to deal with any danger, but this is not possible in this instance.

“In the interest of public safety, road closures continue to be in place. The closures and diversions have been put in place by Cumbria County Council’s highways team. If you have any highway enquiries and queries regarding the diversions, please contact Cumbria County Council Highway’s Hotline on 0300 303 2992 or email [email protected]

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