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Copeland MP to vote for Prime Minister’s new deal

Trudy being interviewed in Portcullis House, Westminster, about the EU Withdrawal Agreement

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison will be voting for the Prime Minister’s new landmark deal for Brexit on Saturday following agreement between the UK and the EU.

Mrs Harrison said: “Boris Johnson, against the odds, has managed to open the Withdrawal Agreement, get rid of the backstop and alter the political declaration – and has done it in 85 days.

“Workers, social and environmental rights will remain as the previous Agreement and we have a green light from the EU to develop our own world-beating Free Trade Agreement.

“I will be enthusiastically supporting our Prime Minister to get Brexit done and will be voting for this deal on Saturday. I hope the DUP come onside as this is a very good deal for Northern Ireland.”

Mr Johnson said: “We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control – now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday so we can move on to other priorities like the cost of living, the NHS, violent crime and our environment.”

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