Cumbria Crack

Man caused head-on West Cumbria crash after falling asleep at wheel

Carlisle Crown Court

A HOTEL worker has been sentenced after falling asleep at the wheel and causing a head-on West Cumbria road smash.

John George Thom Lambrick, 29, was seen driving a Volkswagen Polo “erratically” on the A5086 near Mockerkin at speeds of between 15 and 60mph at around 5pm on July 5.

Dash-cam footage from Lambrick’s own vehicle captured it veering into the path of an oncoming Ford Focus containing a husband and wife, she exclaiming “why?” seconds before impact. Both suffered bruises and grazes, the wife having later described the after-effects of the collision, experiencing flashbacks and regularly reliving the crash.

Lambrick was the most seriously hurt, sustaining a hairline pelvis crack and lower vertebrae fractures. He was quizzed after the crash, Carlisle Crown Court heard. Prosecutor Gerard Rogerson revealed: “He said he had been feeling sleepy during his journey. It appears he fell asleep. He admitted that.”

A man of previous good character, Lambrick, of Lorton, near Cockermouth, admitted dangerous driving having been tired while returning from work in a hotel.

“It was a lapse in judgement by him,” said Kim Whittlestone, defending.

After reading background reports, references and hearing Lambrick – a man with learning difficulties – would lose his job due to a year’s driving ban, Judge Peter Davies imposed a two-year community order.

This comprises a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement through which probation will help to find alternative employment for Lambrick, who must sit also an extended driving re-test.

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