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Safe working bonus given in Tommy’s memory

More than 1.8 million hours of safe working has been completed across Sellafield Ltd’s major projects.

And the milestone has benefited a West Cumbrian charity, in memory of a much-loved former employee.

The achievement is equivalent to 200 years’ worth of safe hours. It comes at a time of great change and complexity on the Sellafield site.

Mark Sarrington, Sellafield Ltd head of environment, health, safety, and quality in project delivery, said: “Once we knew we were hitting this milestone without a recordable accident we knew we wanted to mark it in some way.

“Our colleague Tommy Dougan sadly passed away in the summer – he was very well regarded so we thought it would be a nice idea to speak to his family and ask them which deserving cause they would like to see benefit.

“Tommy, from Whitehaven, was a safety advisor on the Sellafield site and supported the recent delivery of the Silos Maintenance Facility project. His family chose Hospice at Home West Cumbria, which will receive £500.”

Tommy’s son Marc, who is also from Whitehaven and works at the Sellafield vitrification plant, said: “The hospice really helped a great deal when my dad was in the nursing home, the support they gave us was second to none. Thanks for this very kind gesture it really means a lot and it shows how well my dad was thought of.”