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Copeland council agrees its budget

Mike Starkie

COPELAND Council has agreed its budget for 2020/21.

Councillors voted today (Monday) to accept the budget proposed by Mayor Mike Starkie.

Mr Starkie said: “I am delighted that Copeland Council has agreed my budget proposals by 23 votes to two.

“For the fifth consecutive year, we have produced a budget that guarantees no cuts to frontline services.

“Also for the fifth year running, we have pegged council tax and fees/charges increases below the rate of inflation, which represents a real-time reduction, and keeps more money in our residents’ pockets.

“While our percentage share of the council tax residents pay is becoming less and less each year, we are maintaining – and in many cases improving – the services we deliver to our community.

“I’d like to publicly thank the council’s Finance team for their fantastic work in supporting the turnaround in financial reporting in the council.

“I’d also like to thank the staff across the organisation for their continued hard work in delivering efficiencies while continuing to provide first-class services.”