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WATCH: Three points for HGV driver who jumped red light

An HGV driver who jumped a red light at Kemplay Bank roundabout has been taken to court and received points on his license.

Anthony Woodgate, 63, of Barnaby Way, Boroughbridge, York, was charged with failing to comply with a red light signal and admitted the offence at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court yesterday (18 March).

Woodgate drove westbound at around 7.10pm on 17 December 2019 and approached the junction with the A6 at Pooley Bridge when the lights began to change.

However, Woodgate made no attempt to slow or stop and instead continued through the red light, causing cars joining the roundabout to slow in response.

The driving was captured on dashcam.

A police spokesman said: “People jumping red lights are an annoyance to most road users. However, their actions also have the potential to cause a serious incident – particularly when the vehicle involved is a wagon, as in this instance.

“Thankfully, on this occasion, Woodgate was sharing the road with careful, considerate drivers who were able to slow and avoid a collision.”

Woodgate received three points on his license and must pay £157 total in fines and costs.