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Mayor thanks community for recycling and waste support

Mike Starkie

COPELAND’s Mayor has extended his thanks to the community for supporting the council’s Recycling and Waste teams.

Mike Starkie has spoken of his gratitude to the community for “going the extra mile” in assisting the crews during the Covid-19 crisis by taking a number of helpful measures themselves.

Mr Starkie said: “Our crews are working incredibly hard in difficult circumstances, with significantly depleted numbers, to keep our recycling and waste collection services running, and I am truly grateful for all they are doing for our community.

“I’m also pleased to say that the community has reciprocated this support by going the extra mile and are working with us wherever they can to help make the rounds a little easier for our teams.”

The council’s requests to residents are:

  • Please ensure your cars are parked in a way that doesn’t block our vehicles’ access on your collection day. This is also crucial to assist with access for emergency vehicles.
  • Please put out your household waste or recycling only if it is full. If your bin, boxes or bag have enough space to wait until your next collection, please do not put them out.
  • Please restrict cardboard to your collection bag only; cutting it up and breaking boxes apart will help. We are unable to collect extra material left outside your bag at this time.
  • Please wash and squash your recycling materials so more can be fitted in your boxes, and the collection vehicles.
  • Please wash your hands before and after putting your bins out.

The council has also received a high number of messages of support and thanks from the community for its Recycling and Waste crews.

Mr Starkie said: “We’ve been inundated with messages from members of the public who want to show their gratitude to our teams. The crews do a great job all year round, but it’s much appreciated that they are receiving this well-deserved praise at this time.”

The council is also encouraging creative young people in the borough to draw pictures of the collection crews and place them on their bins or in their windows for the operatives to see. Alternatively, they can be shared with the council on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

** Please note that recycling and waste collections are running as normal on Good Friday (April 10). However, all collections in w/c April 13 will be one day later than usual, including a collection on Saturday, April 18 for those whose collection day would ordinarily have been on Friday, April 17.

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