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Carlisle woman was more than three-times drink-drive limit

A former nurse has admitted drink-driving when she appeared before Carlisle Magistrates Court today (TUES).

Barbara Ann Mackie, 62, of Jackson Street, Carlisle was caught by police around 7pm on May 15.

The court was told how another motorist watched her Ford Fiesta car been driven slowly away from a junction along Greystone Road in the city, then driving erratically and in an aggravating manner, Mackie almost collided with pedestrians.

She then drove along Brook Street and parked, she left the car and was seen later “staggering” back into the vehicle, the court was told a man approached the car as police arrived, Mrs Mackie failed a road-side breathalyser test and was arrested.

When undertaking a breath test at the police station she supplied a reading of 111-micrograms in 100-millilitres of breath, over three-times the legal limit of 35.

The court was told she is off work at the moment and shows remorse, she has health problems and is getting assistance from a number of organisations.

Paul Baird presiding magistrate on passing sentence said, this was a high reading and there was evidence of bad driving and the potential for a collision, it was noted you are taking steps for your health issues.

Mackie was disqualified for 25-months, placed on a Community Order for one-year, with an electronically tagged curfew at home between 7pm and 7am for eight weeks, also court costs of £180, she was offered the drink drivers rehabilitation course which could reduce her ban by 25-weeks.

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