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Kingmoor Park solar farm now live

Kingmoor Park Solar Farm

Kingmoor Park’s newly installed 4-acre Solar Farm is now live. In an effort to become more energy efficient, the business park is now operating as much as possible from renewable energy.

The 4-acre solar farm was installed by Solar Maintenance Services earlier this year. The site consists of 3000 ground mounted solar, photovoltaic panels each measuring 1.6 x 0.9m.

Based on original research, it was proposed that the site would provide 877,000kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per annum which is equivalent of up to 20% of Kingmoor Park’s energy needs. This could mean a saving of 250 tonnes of C02 per year and would significantly reduce the need to rely non-renewable sources.

Neil McIntyre, Kingmoor Park’s Managing Director said: “Fulfilling Kingmoor Park’s energy needs are crucial to safeguard the site’s future. As a team we are committed to ensuring that our energy source is sustainable and by introducing the Solar Farm we hope to do this.

After reviewing the initial data from Solar Maintenance Services, we are pleased to say that on several occasions we have been self-sufficient. This means that we are not relying on power from the national grid. We weren’t expecting to see results this quickly but due to a reduction in the amount of power we have been using during the pandemic and the right weather conditions, we have been able to achieve this. Furthermore, the early data suggests we have reduced our requirement from the grid and non-green energy solutions by at least 28.5%.”

The project was managed and installed by Solar Maintenance Services. The business who are based on Kingmoor Park look after around 50 megawatts of Solar throughout the UK made up of other solar fields and some residential systems.

James McLinden, Managing Director of Solar Maintenance comments: “We are delighted with the initial results which show that Kingmoor Park could be on track to reduce their non-green energy requirement by over a quarter. We knew that making a move towards solar could significantly reduce Kingmoor Park’s carbon footprint and we are looking forward to our continued partnership.”