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Former dental nurse overcomes disabilities to win volunteering award

Indra Mudie

A former nurse has been recognised for her outstanding voluntary work despite battling multiple disabilities.

Indra Mudie, from Egremont, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Syndrome (Ehler Danlos) two years ago, after experiencing pain and discomfort in her muscles and joints.

As her symptoms became progressively worse, and feeling so tired she could barely function, Indra was forced to leave her job as a dental nurse. Without a cure or any real treatment to ease her pain, she began to lose her naturally positive attitude but was determined not to be defeated.

After learning to do things differently and manage her symptoms, Indra was keen to continue helping others. Despite the challenges, she volunteers as a medic at a local karting circuit, is a community first responder and a heart start instructor.

As a Home Group customer, Indra’s passion and selflessness has been recognised by the housing association with a Customer and Volunteer Award, given to those across England and Scotland who go above and beyond to help others.

Indra said: “It was a wonderful surprise to receive the award from Home Group. It’s always nice to know your hard work is appreciated by others. Since having to give up full time work, it’s nice to know I can still give something worthwhile back to the community when my conditions allow.

“I wasn’t one for sitting still when I was well, so wasn’t going to let this beat me totally. Although there are days when just getting out of bed is impossible, I’ve never given up and will always try and find a way to still have a life, even if that is from the comfort of a bedroom at times.”

On top of her community work, Indra is also very engaged with Home Group itself and supports the organisation’s Life Swap and Role Models initiatives, celebrating diversity and inspiring others through her stories, and last month became a customer board member.

Colette Small, Lead Engagement Advisor at Home Group, said: “Indra is a wonderful, self-less person and, despite the health challenges she faces, she always put’s in 100% with anything she does. A very well deserving winner and a true community champion.”