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Kendal man made stab threats while armed with knife

Carlisle Crown Court

A Kendal supported housing scheme resident who pointed a knife at staff and threatened to stab others during a drinking binge has been spared immediate prison.

Jonathan Shane Evans, 30, had returned to his accommodation on the night of 13th August last year having consumed alcohol in the town, before setting out again to buy more beer.

When he came back a second time, Evans refused to go to bed, became aggressive towards carers and made threats which included: “I will kill you.”

He returned from his flat with a five-inch kitchen knife which held in the air above waist height while pointing the tip at staff.

“He was threatening to stab people,” Andrew Evans, prosecuting, told Carlisle Crown Court today.

“He was threatening to kill himself, running a finger across his own throat.”

Two employees put their body weight against a door to prevent Evans enter a living room containing other residents.

One of the staff members later said: “I felt really scared.”

Police were called and saw Jonathan Evans, of Castle Road, Kendal, topless in the street carrying a can of lager.

He later admitted an affray charge, and was sentenced by Recorder Neville Biddle, who read background reports and heard the defendant was “fearful” of being sent to custody.

The judge imposed a 12-month community order comprising a rehabilitation requirement and 150 hours’ unpaid work.

“Make sure you don’t drink too much in future because if you do you will almost certainly come back to court,” Evans was told by Recorder Biddle.

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