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Staveley residents embrace recycling project

Volunteer experts helping to fix an item brought in for repair

[R]esidents from Staveley are embracing the eco-friendly messages of a recycling initiative.

The Waste Less project – launched last year – is volunteer-led and aims to reduce household waste by encouraging villagers to take a fresh look at what they recycle.

As part of the two year scheme, around 30 residents attended a repair café in the village on Friday evening where experts in sewing, electricals and cycles were on-hand to fix items.

Repairs and refreshments at the event were provided by the local community and volunteers

Staveley resident, Emily Rowe, said: “I went to the repair café and thought it was a brilliant event.

“I brought along some hair straighteners that were working intermittently. The volunteer expert didn’t quite have the right tools with him, but he took them home, fixed them and dropped them off to me earlier this week.

“I will definitely go to another event and encourage others to do so, it’s brilliant if things can be fixed rather than go to landfill, saving money and preventing waste.”

The week previous to the repair café, a one-off textile collection was made in the village.

Approximately 100 bags were collected with a net weight of 380kgs, which has an estimated carbon saving of around 2,200kgs of carbon dioxide when compared to the materials being sent through other disposal methods.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC)’s project officer, Andy Vickers, said: “Both the textile collection and the repair café are things that the council has not been involved in before.

“The response to both of these has been great.

“The aim of Waste Less is to reduce the average amount of grey bin waste in Staveley and to increase recycling, something that residents have told us they are keen to do.”

In addition to the repair café and textile collection, enthusiastic villagers have also:

  • Organised a toy swap event that encouraged children to swap toys rather than to throw them away.
  • Asked residents to check their medicines cupboards to ensure items are stored properly and within use-by dates.
  • Arranged a seedling and plant swap.
  • Spring-cleaned their kitchen cupboards, donating unwanted food to the local food bank.

SLDC, which is committed to helping residents reduce household waste and recycle more, is working with Cumbria County Council and local volunteers on the project.

Ward councillor for Staveley-in-Westmorland, Cllr Stan Collins, added: “Although any individual piece of work may seem small, each piece and each person’s effort adds up.

“Staveley is blessed with an excellent pharmacy which accepts medicine and appliance returns for proper disposal, I hope everyone will use this service.”

If you live or work in Staveley and would like to play a role in helping to plan and promote the project, please contact [email protected].

Alternatively, ‘like’ Staveley Parish Council’s Facebook page to be kept up to date on the initiative:

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