Cumbria Crack

Police warn of HMRC scam in West Cumbria

[P]olice are continuing to receive calls from members of the public regarding a scam which attempts to gain money.

The scam relates to a member of the public receiving an automated voice message from someone purporting to be from HMRC, stating that prosecution action will be taken unless they call them.

In the past 24 hours police have received two reports in the Whitehaven area of this type of scam.

A Cumbria Constabulary spokesperson said: “We have received tens, if not hundreds of these calls or emails over recent months and we want to advise people to be vigilant to prevent them from falling victim.

“Our advice for such scams is to disregard the message.  Do not contact them on the number they request you to call on and do not hand over any money.  If possible record the details and if you are in any doubt contact HMRC to verify the information.

“The HMRC website states they would never use these methods to tell you about a tax rebate, a penalty or even to get personal payment information.”

Anyone who comes across such a scam should contact Action Fraud at or contact the Action Fraud Hotline on 0300 123 2040 as they are the investigatory body for offences of this type.

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