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The Bear Necessities

Bear before (right) and after

[B]ear, a German Shepherd cross, arrived at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity when his owner was no longer able to care for him. A fabulous big softie with a typically long and dense German Shepherd coat, he had poor muscle tone and a very matted coat. These matts were very thick and full of grease, dirt and dead skin cells giving Bear a very strong aroma.

Following a full veterinary check, the team at Oak Tree decided that a professional groom was needed to try to detangle his densely tangled coat and bring out his more fragrant side. Oak Tree’s partners at The Groom Room Penrith came to the rescue and gave Bear a full-on pamper session, transforming him into a stunning, classy canine.

Rachel Smith, Bear’s caseworker at Oak Tree said “Bear has made a complete transformation thanks to our friends at The Groom Room and is now in a position to have his final veterinary work done prior to finding a loving forever home in a few weeks time. He will need an experienced owner who is willing to provide Bear with basic training. Dogs like Bear with long, dense coats really need daily brushing and regular grooming sessions to maintain their coat and skin health, a big job, but so worthwhile when you have such a handsome boy as Bear.

For further information about rehoming an animal from Oak Tree Animals’ Charity or the charity’s work, please visit or call 01228 560082

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