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The Wainwright Society announces winner of 2017 Photographic Competition

Ice © David Felton

[T]he Wainwright Society has announced the winner of the 2017 Photographic Competition.

A total of 81 entries in the Society’s 2017 Photographic Competition were judged by Terry Abraham, the photographer and film maker.

This year there was one class, an Open Class.

The winner of the competition was David Felton with his photograph, Ice.

Terry commented: “Blea Tarn near Great Langdale has likely been captured on camera more times than there are stars in the night sky but there’s no doubting it’s an iconic view! Surprisingly, it’s quite a difficult place to convey through photography given where one’s eye wishes to gaze. That said, the rocks in the foreground perfectly balance and lead the eye around the frame towards a sun-kissed Langdale Pikes.

“This is a superb image that nails it for composition but also for atmosphere and goes to prove that in this case, dawn is the best time to appreciate this picture postcard Lakeland scene. A worthy winner and an image I’d be proud to have framed on my wall at home.”