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New process to view planning applications to protect personal data

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A new process is being introduced from 1 December 2018 by Eden District Council to ensure that any personal data for example such as names, addresses or contact information is redacted (removed) before people view planning files in person at its Penrith offices.

From 1 December 2018, if members of the public wish to view a planning file at the Council Offices, then it is requested that two days’ notice be given (either via email or a telephone call), to ensure that the file is ready upon their arrival.

The Council is keen to maintain this important service however and as of the 1 December 2018, each planning file will be redacted in line with the Council’s Redaction Policy prior to being viewed. Alternatively, planning applications can be viewed on the Council’s online planning register using the simple search function. The online register can be accessed via:

If no prior notice is given, then please note that there will be a delay of up to one hour before a file can be viewed, whilst any personal information is redacted. Please note that the one hour timescale may be longer for larger or major planning applications.

Eden District Council’s Deputy Chief Executive and Data Protection Officer, Matthew Neal said: “The Council is keen to ensure that the public has access to planning applications over the counter at Council offices, but we also have a duty to consider how we protect personal data. We hope this necessary change does not cause any major inconvenience for members of the public.

“The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires the Council to consider the information that it holds. From a Planning perspective, the introduction of GDPR requires changes to be made with regards to how personal data is held on individual planning files, to ensure that the Council is legally operating within the requirements of GPDR whilst still fulfilling its other legislative obligations.”

In May 2018, the Government introduced the General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly referred to as GDPR, which is a legal framework that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of its customers. This requires the Council to review the way that it manages and holds data in the course of providing its daily functions, including as a Local Planning Authority.

For more information about Eden District Council visit or call 01768 817817.

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