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Desperately seeking ‘star bakers’

Kendal’s First Charity Bake Off takes place Tue 11th December

Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (Cadas) and Manna House are two passionate grassroots local charities who support people on issues surrounding homelessness and substance use.

Together they are hosting a Bake Off charity event to help fund their move into Stephenson House and see the size of their local operations grow as they both have more space and improved facilities to support more people.  The Kendal Co-ordinator for Cadas Julie Oram says that “the new spaces have created a sense of total wellbeing, not only for our clients but also for the people who work here, giving us renewed energy and enthusiasm to work with vulnerable community members”.

The Bake Off event is aimed at local amateurs and professionals (£5 to enter) – there is also a junior category (£2.50) and the deadline for registration is 3rd December.

There are some amazing prizes including a pastry masterclass, signed photo of Noel Fielding and quality bakeware.

The charities would love local organisations to get behind them – and are hoping for entries from the police and even the principal of the local college!  So if you are a budding Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry – get in touch!

They have already had some entries from local schools, the police, the principal of Kendal College and local councillors  – can you beat them?

CEO of Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (Leigh Williams) meeting Prue Leith from the Great British Bake Off yesterday in Booths

Prue gave her backing to the event by signing a copy of her book (kindly donated by Booths) and an official ‘Star Baker’ apron  – both make up some of the ‘money can’t buy’ prizes!

To get behind this event and shout about your bake or for more information visit

To enter your bake before 3rd December go directly to our booking site

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