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‘Vocalize’ the new Keswick School Student Magazine

L-R: Laura Wilson, Sophie Inkster and Sam Christian

A group of Keswick School sixth form students had a vision to produce a student magazine to allow pupils to express creativity outside a classroom. From the outset the magazine has been entirely run by students with the senior Vocalize team being made up of Sixth Form students utilising their skills by guiding younger students through the writing and editing process.

The theme for the first edition of Vocalize is ‘Exploration’ as creating the magazine was an unknown venture for many of the students who embarked on their own form of exploration. As a result, after lots of hard work we are extremely proud of everyone who has contributed and the students found the experience of creating the magazine thoroughly enjoyable.


The students are grateful for the sponsors from the local community. The magazine is available to purchase for £1 from Friday 30th November, on the school’s online shop, at our Christmas Fair as well as in some local shops until Friday, 21st December.

Sophie Inkster, Editor in Chief said, “After personally being inspired by my own work experience at a magazine, being Editor and creating a school magazine seemed the perfect way to enhance our school community.”

Sam Christian, Head Designer commented that ”Designing Vocalize has been challenging, yet ultimately rewarding. Being able to channel creativity into a new medium, making that journey from twenty blank pages staring back at you, to the colourful whirl of photography, art and writing that is Vocalize, has been exciting. For me, to be a part of such a fantastic team has been a privilege, and a whole lot of fun.”

Laura Wilson, Contributing Editor said: “Vocalize is not only important to give students a voice, but also to allow them opportunity to individually express themselves in a way the curriculum doesn’t cater for. The sheer range of student involvement, from Year 7 to Year 13, aptly demonstrates the diversity of our school community and celebrates a variety of work by pupils at Keswick, including artwork and creative writing.

“I especially enjoyed writing my own articles and helping younger pupils with theirs. Activities like this are so valuable for the future in terms of university or even employment, because it encourages us as students to develop transferable skills such as communication, organisation and initiative.”

Ella Pattinson, Marketing and Finance said: “Taking on the role of marketing and finance executive for Vocalize has been a challenge that I have loved. The experience that I have gained will be useful in terms of my future at university, since I am applying for marketing.

“A key aspect of my role was to communicate with local businesses in order to fund the magazine by securing advertisement spaces. Throughout the process, we have built relationships with local businesses including Wild Strawberry, KMB and many others. This made me truly appreciate the closeness of our wider community: everyone being willing to help. The school magazine is something which collectively as a school we are proud of.”