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Violent bully jailed after assaulting ex-girlfriend

A violent bully has been jailed after biting off part of his ex-girlfriend’s ear – less than a month after a restraining order against him had expired.

Christopher Jackson, 31, had already been jailed for eight weeks after being convicted in December 2017 of assaulting his 38-year-old former partner.

As part of that sentence he was handed a 12-month restraining order that banned him from contacting her or entering the street where she lived.

But just three weeks after that restraining order expired last December, Jackson went round to the woman’s home in a bid to try to win her back.

When she turned him away, Jackson launched a brutal attack in which he punched, kicked and stamped on her until she was lying unconscious in her home.

However, the victim had been able to make a silent 999 call during the assault and officers arrived on the scene to place the violent thug under arrest.

When police found the victim they were shocked to discover she was missing half of her ear. A pathologists report said the injury would have been caused by Jackson’s teeth.

She was taken to hospital to undergo treatment to the ear injury as well as significant bruising to her face, a broken nose and a fractured skull.

Christopher Jackson

Jackson, of Split Crow Road, Gateshead, was later charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent. He pleaded guilty and yesterday (Tuesday) he was jailed for seven years and four months at Newcastle Crown Court.

Following the case, investigating officer Detective Constable Darren Davies said Jackson was a “violent thug” who deserved the “lengthy spell behind bars” handed to him by the judge.

He said: “This was a brutal and cowardly attack by a man who was far stronger than his victim and used that power to inflict horrific injuries upon her.

“He is a despicable human being who, like many perpetrators of domestic abuse, tried to apportion blame to his victim for his behaviour.

“Jackson was convicted for a previous assault on the same victim but that was nothing compared to this brutal attack that left his victim unrecognisable, with fractures to her nose and skull.

“Thankfully, the victim was able to dial 999 as Jackson began to lose his temper, meaning that emergency services were quickly on scene to get her to hospital.

“I want to praise her for the bravery she has shown throughout these proceedings and I hope she can sleep more easily at night knowing her attacker is in prison.

“Jackson is a violent thug who deserves to be behind bars and I am delighted with the sentence handed down by the judge at court.”

Speaking after her attacker was jailed, the 38-year-old victim thanked police for their support and said Jackson had left her living in fear.

She said: “It took a while for everything to sink it but now that it has I have been having flashbacks and I have not been able to leave the house on my own.

“I am struggling to get comfortable in my own home to the point that I am thinking about moving house.

“My injuries have still not fully healed and I have a scar on my chin which I see every day and my ear is still not fixed.

“I am still on medication for the pain but also for depression and anxiety. I have started going to counselling to help me get through it which is helping but will take time.

“I just want Christopher away from me and for him not to do this again.”