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Duo sentenced following violent and sustained Carlisle alley attack

The Carlisle city centre alleyway in which Alan Clarke was attacked

TWO young men have been sentenced for a joint and sustained Carlisle attack on a victim who was punched, kicked and left unconscious.

Alan Clarke suffered a serious facial injury during violence which flared in an alleyway on The Crescent late into the night of January 6 last year.

A judge at the city’s crown court heard how a comment made by Mr Clarke to Alexander James Sisson, 21, and 20-year-old Sam Feddon as they spoke legitimately to police in the street began an exchange involving the trio.

Soon after, an argument between the parties “evolved into a fight”. Mr Clarke went into the alleyway first, and was followed by Sisson who then punched him “repeatedly”.

Feddon, initially a peacemaker, then “joined the fight”.

Mr Clarke recalled being punched by both men. Also kicked and rendered unconscious, he was treated in hospital having suffered a “nasty” black eye which, he stated, had left his young daughter “frightened of him”. He was also off work for several weeks, the court heard.

However, Judge James Adkin noted Sisson and Feddon had been faced with “provocation”, and heard “significant” mitigation on behalf of the pair – both working men of previous good character.

After hearing submissions, Judge Adkin gave suspended prison sentences of eight months and 10 months, respectively, to Sisson, of Easton, near Longtown, and Feddon, of Broomfallen Road, Scotby. Each must complete a night-time curfew and pay Mr Clarke £1,000 compensation.

Of the after-effects on Mr Clarke, Judge Adkin told the pair: “You were responsible, entirely responsible, jointly responsible for the injuries and that distress.”

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