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Man punched complete stranger in Carlisle after saying: “Have some of this”

Carlisle Crown Court

A COURT has heard how a man launched an unprovoked attack on a complete stranger in Carlisle city centre.

Colin Percival was with a friend at English Street, at around 1-30am on December 3 of 2017, when he was approached and assaulted by 29-year-old Brady Wilson.

Prosecutor Brendan Burke told Carlisle Crown Court: “The defendant, who was unknown to him, walked straight up to him and punched him in the face having said ‘have some of this’. Mr Percival became unconscious, failing to the ground without breaking his fall.”

Mr Percival was hospitalised and had suffered “severe damage” to his teeth. He’d since had seven removed, dentistry was expected to cost more than £12,000 and he described the process as “awful to undergo”.

Wilson, of Holywell Crescent, Carlisle, had been convicted of an actual bodily harm assault in his absence during an earlier magistrates’ court hearing.

The crown court heard two medical experts had concluded the defendant required treatment for mental illness in a secure psychiatric unit. As a result, Judge James Adkin imposed an interim hospital order on Wilson. The case was adjourned for an assessment until July, when he is due to be formally sentenced.

Judge Adkin said it was “highly likely” Wilson would be detained in a secure unit in due course.

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