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Hand sanitising stations vandalised in Carlisle

Carlisle City Council is asking anyone with information about a spate on vandalism in the city centre to contact Cumbria Police.

Eight hand sanitising points were vandalised in the city centre on the evening of Sunday 28 June. They had been installed by Carlisle City Council to support the reopening of the high street. The replacement will cost more than £1,000.

The vandalism follows on from similar action last week when a further two hand sanitising points were damaged.

Carlisle City Council spokesperson said: “We won’t let the mindless action of a minority impact on the city centre and will do all we can to support local businesses. We will replace any damaged hand sanitising points as quickly as we can. Carlisle city centre is a safe place to shop and visit. If anyone has any information about the vandalism, please contact the Police so that they can catch the perpetrators.”

CCTV is being reviewed and anyone with any information is asked to contact Cumbria Police by calling 101.

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