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VR therapy open to Cumbrians

Local Care company Gaudium Ltd is now taking private referrals for its brand new VR therapy service.

The 3D environments with fully interactive, multisensory stimulation can be used by clients whilst staff guide them through scenarios, asking questions and tracking states of mind and emotions throughout.

Each client will have their own profile with a history of their sessions and accompanying notes to track their progress and inform their carers and families as to what else might be helpful for them.

“The depth of the benefits cannot be described. For either the guided, structured scenarios to deal with a particular issue, or the relaxation sessions which allow our clients who often have reduced chances to get out and about to go for a walk in the forest, or swim with dolphins. To be able to take them to new places, take them out of themselves and see the improvement of a therapy that takes you beyond your imagination is one of the most rewarding projects I think we have ever worked on.” Said Mr Waluk.

Previously only available to existing clients of the company, anyone interested in the therapy can now get in touch and access the service.

For any more information on the VR therapy and how it may help you or a loved one, please contact Gaudium on 01768 890 353 or via [email protected].

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