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Confluences – the first joint exhibition showcasing the work of artists Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore

Iron and Copper Microcosm photo credit Euan Adamson

Confluences is the first joint exhibition showcasing the work of artists Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore from award-winning studio Miles-Moore Ceramics.

The exhibition opens at renowned Dales gallery and crafts space, Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, on 04th September and will run until the 02nd November 2020.

The exhibition’s opening gambit draws both content and inspiration from Martin’s collaborative book Confluences released in 2019. The title of the book resonated with the pair to such an extent, that it defines and establishes the tone for the exhibition itself, making reference to the joining, coming, or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point of two or more bodies.

This is a bold statement of intent, identifying the coming together of both Martin and Siobhan as artists. The unifying of their ideas and the inspiration underpinning their work, including their deep seated and shared understanding of sense of place, a sentiment expressed throughout their work by their use of both found and foraged materials.

Farfield Mill, Sedbergh

In recent years each in turn has collaborated with a wide cross section of artists and creatives,  from an array of backgrounds, including poets, photographers, film makers, award winning chefs, and followers of the Japanese art of Chado.

This time the pair have joined forces with two unique and talented digital creatives, Naomi Saka of Interaktions Design and Rich Stevens of Design Real. Both work in the innovative and expressive world of concept design and development, collaborating for the first time to create unique visual experiences for Bentley celebrating the centenary of the Grande Marque.

Both Martin and Siobhan seek to tell stories with their work, creating connections to place and disparate culture. Using materials from specific locations is a significant part of that storytelling process. Helping their audience understand why they have chosen to use particular materials and their meaning is an essential element in the creation and curation of any exhibition showcasing their work.

They both realised the unlimited potential to use digitised images and light installation to help tell these stories in a different way, utilising another medium to convey the inspiration behind and the intent of their work.

Naomi Saka commented: ‘’As a digital artist I delight in exploring how traditional and new techniques can create meaningful and compelling experiences for us. In 2019 I was part of the UX design team working on Bentley’s Centenary project, where I had the pleasure of meeting Martin and Siobhan. Rich and I have set out to add a vastly different dimension to elements of the story underpinning the Miles-Moore exhibition ‘Confluences’. Rich and I selected the recurring theme of light, which as you will discover runs through the work the couple create. We wanted to explore this rich theme and in order to do so we used light forms to create an immersive storytelling experience, creating a real time rendered light sculpture. As a result, this collaboration explores a number of possibilities, fusing both the analogue and digital mediums to craft truly innovative artforms.’’

Siobhan and Martin Miles-Moore said: ‘’ There are many hidden connections and stories when we create ceramics with a sense of place. Our creative confluence with Naomi and Rich has allowed the addition of an extra dimension to our work, which will be experienced by our audience, and help to articulate more of the dynamic aspects of the journey involved in creating these unique  pieces. As a result, ‘Confluences at Farfield Mill’ represents the first step in what we all believe to be the start of an innovative and exciting creative exploration.’’

Martin is in the process of creating a range of new work for this exhibition, which comes full circle reconnecting with his earlier work, inspired by Korean forms, but now explicitly telling the story of the fells and becks of his surroundings. Vessels that can be used; but can also be admired purely for their form and the stories of evolution they embody. Vase forms, moon vases and tea bowls, all made using foraged materials and reflecting the colours and textures of the landscapes surrounding Farfield Mill.

Alongside, Siobhan is creating a new range of microcosms integrating the shapes and emotions of the Howgills, the textures colours and patterns of the raw materials of textile production, wool, and water as well as finished products. For the first time they are working together to co-create work, a true confluence.

Both bodies of work convey the story of nature’s infinite power, an energy that constantly shapes both place and people. Shaped by the raw energy of gusting winds and driving rain, shimmering desert and tropical sea, ancient glaciers and crashing cascading waterfalls, these are nature’s tools…

Confluences opens at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, on 04th September.