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Tales in Lockdown Street Theatre

At the start of lockdown Kendal Community Theatre was determined to keep live theatre alive. Rehearsing on Zoom and outdoors the director Chris Taylor and his actors have developed socially distanced acting skills to bring you Tales in Lockdown Street Theatre.

Kendal Community Theatre performs Vampire Tales, stories about the Jacobite invasion of Kendal in 1715, and scenes from their future production, The Threepenny Opera, at Castle Street Centre, Kendal on Friday 21st & 28th August 2pm & Sunday 30th 1.30pm and 3pm, and at The Studio, Morland on Sunday 23rd August.

The vampire tales by KCT writers Celeste Bonfanti, Laura Carter, and Emily Unia are joined by three stories about the 1715 Jacobite rebellion commissioned in 2015 by Chris Hogg, Mayor of Kendal, from three members of the Writers Rump Workshop, Anne Banks, Jill Clough and John Scott.

The finale is scenes and songs featuring Mac the Knife from The Threepenny Opera, a tale of gangsters, low life and corruption with love (just about) triumphing.

With the actors in bubbles, the musicians in bubbles, the stage crew in bubbles, enjoy forty minutes of theatre and music.

Tales in Lockdown Street Theatre NEEDS YOU! Come and be our bubbly audience for FREE! Numbers limited.

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