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Immature young Carlisle man jailed for continuing crimes against former partner

Craig Cherry

AN “immature” young Carlisle man who intimidated, harassed and assaulted his former partner, phoning her over 80 times even while he was behind bars, has been given a two-year jail term.

Craig Lee Cherry’s crimes were committed against the woman – an older mum-of-two – amid an on-off relationship between the pair dating back several years.

Cherry, now aged 21, was given a 13-month prison sentence for domestic abuse – a string of assaults – last November, and banned from contacting the woman indefinitely.

But after leaving custody on New Year’s Eve, Cherry’s offending continued. Carlisle Crown Court heard today (FRI) how police learned in late February Cherry was believed to have been in touch with his ex-partner, who reported feeling “trapped in her own home”. They found him at her address hiding upstairs underneath a duvet and in possession of cannabis.

It emerged he had previously followed her in the street, pestered and threatened her with violence. On one occasion he “flipped” and punched her in the face, and on another he damaged a security system so she would “not have any proof” he’d been at her home.

Giving background, prosecutor Charles Brown said the woman alleged that over the course of a month “his contact with her was so obsessive” her phone was on for “eight days solid”, recording almost 12,000 minutes of call time.

While in custody, Cherry then called her mobile phone “over 80 times”, said Mr Brown; arranged for texts to be sent from a friend to his ex; and “made offers to various people to damage her property”. He admitted two restraining order breaches, intimidation, damage, assault and cannabis possession

The court heard Cherry, latterly of Lowther Street, Carlisle, had significant learning difficulties was suspected on the autism spectrum and suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). “He knows he need to seek help. He is trying to do that,” said Kim Whittlestone, defending.

Jailing him for two years, Recorder Mark Ainsworth acknowledged Cherry’s issues and immaturity. “I make all proper allowance for the difficulties that you face but of course it doesn’t begin to excuse your conduct towards this young lady,” he said.

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