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Safety is top priority for Workington Swimming Club

Parent Alyson Sibbald electronically signing the NSPCC Sports Parents Promise along with Head Coach Shaun Winstanley

A local swimming club is committed to doing everything it can to keep its young swimmers safe.

And that’s why Workington Swimming Club is this week promoting the NSPCC’s Parents in Sports Week by asking the parents and carers of all of its swimmers to sign up to the charity’s Sports Parents Promise.

By signing up parents/carers make a pledge to their child that they:

  • promise to listen if they have any concerns about their sport
  • promise to learn how the club keeps children safe and what they can do to help
  • promise to make sure that they set a good example and support their child (and their teammates) in a positive way

The club has also signed up to the Swim England’s Wavepower protocols which outlines the role everyone plays when it comes to safeguarding children. It has also introduced a number of measures to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 during its training sessions.

Speaking on the initiative Head Coach, Shaun Winstanley, said: “Workington Swimming Club is committed to ensuring it provides a safe environment for its members. In addition to the NSPCC pledge our club has also fully adopted Swim England’s new Wavepower protocols which are a series of policies and actions dedicated to the safety of children and young people who participate in organised swimming.”

“In tandem with the NSPCC campaign this week, we are sharing the Wavepower documentation with parents and carers and asking all club members- children, young people, parents, coaches and volunteers to commit to Wavepower’s relevant Codes of Conduct to underline their commitment to keeping all children and young people safe.”

Shaun added: “During these worrying times for parents, we believe that swimming is the safest way for children and young people to be active and healthy and participate in a team sport. At Workington Swimming Club we have Covid-safe procedures approved by Swim England that we have introduced at Workington Leisure Centre supported by the pool operator GLL and Allerdale Borough Council.”

“We have nearly 70 swimmers of all ages currently training up to four nights a week plus Saturday mornings. But we also have plenty of room for more.”

Anyone wanting to come and try for themselves should contact the club secretary Sue Frost at [email protected].

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