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COVID-19 vaccine rollout update given by Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a Downing Street briefing to talk about how the vaccine rollout will be carried out.

He said: “You have a right to know how we are cracking this problem.”

He has pledged the four most vulnerable groups should be vaccinated by February 15 and said: “There is no doubt we will have the capacity to reach that target.”

Nearly 1.5m people have had a vaccination already.

Hundreds of GP s have begun the roll out and more than 700 local vaccination centres will be open.

He said everyone should be within 10 miles of a vaccination centre.

Seven major vaccination hubs will be set up next week.

The army is working with NHS and healthcare professionals to set up the centres.

The rollout is the one of the biggest in the NHS’s history.

The Government will publish its full plans on Monday for the rollout.

He urged everyone to have faith in the vaccine.

A spokesman for NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group said: “We are building up the COVID vaccine programme across north Cumbria.

“Our GPs have done a brilliant job at getting this underway. You can help our GPs by not calling your Practice with vaccine queries.

“The NHS will contact you when it is your turn for the vaccine.

“It’s important our practices are able to answer calls from people who need medical advice and treatment.”


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