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Council supports people at risk of homelessness over Christmas

Thirteen families who were homeless – or threatened with homelessness – were supported over the Christmas period by Copeland council.

The people were provided advice and/or temporary accommodation in the borough while a permanent housing solution is put in place.

One household was at risk of domestic abuse.

During 2020, Copeland council’s housing team supported 312 individuals and families who needed a home and 47 of those households suffered from domestic abuse, including 18 with children.

The team has also provided advice to 171 people who had concerns or were worried about losing their accommodation during this period.

The council has also supported more than 300 men, women and children to leave abusive homes since its support service was introduced in 2018.

Mike Starkie, Copeland mayor, said: “2020 was an incredibly difficult year for most people, and those with nowhere to call home were some of the worst impacted.

“While social distancing measures were introduced and there was the strong message to stay at home for periods of the year, for some people it just wasn’t that easy.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our housing team for their ongoing dedication and commitment to the people of Copeland.

“The team has worked throughout the pandemic, providing a 24/7 service to some of our most vulnerable residents.

“Christmas is often a difficult time and has the potential for relationships to fracture, this year more than any, leaving people in need of a safe place to say.

“I am incredibly grateful to the team who continued to run the service day and night, throughout the Christmas period, spending time away from their loved ones, to help those in need.”

Copeland Council continues to appeal for private landlords in Copeland to come forward so permanent solutions to those without long term accommodation can be found.

Various incentives are on offer, such as rent in advance and rent deposits, should private landlords be willing to support housing Copeland’s residents.

For those that are homeless or threatened with homelessness, or if you are a landlord and have available accommodation, email [email protected] or call 01946 598300.

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