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St Bees School head to address MPs about pupil’s mental health

The headteacher of St Bees School will talk to MPs, education experts and Government officials about remote learning at a prestigious conference this week.

Roger Sinnett will give a talk about key priorities for the independent schools sector at the Westminster Education Forum Conference on Thursday.

He is due to speak about digital learning opportunities, what the return to classrooms will look like after the national coronavirus lockdown eased and how schools can support the mental wellbeing of students.

Mr Sinnett said: “It is an honour to be invited to be a keynote speaker at such an important event in the education sector.

“I am proud to represent the success that St Bees has attained with regards to lockdown learning, and I hope that the other delegates and speakers can see just how much hard work goes into making learning work during these unprecedented times.

“I also want to bring the mental wellbeing of the UK’s students to the forefront of the conversation as it is a very important topic at the moment.

“At St Bees, we have continued to conduct our unique one-to-one mentoring sessions for every one of our students to ensure that their state of mind is being monitored.”

St Bees is an independent school for 11-18 year olds with over 430 years of history.

The school has a mix of Western and Eastern educational practices and recently opened two campuses in China.