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Man jailed for imprisoning woman and ramming pen into her mouth

Chance Watson imprisoned his partner in a West Cumbria house and then rammed a pen into her mouth 

‪A man who imprisoned his partner in a West Cumbria house and then rammed a pen into her mouth when she tried to yell for help through an open window has been jailed.‬

‪Carlisle Crown Court heard 35-year-old Chance Watson and his now former girlfriend had been involved in a “toxic” and “volatile” relationship.‬

‪This boiled over on 12th July last year at a time when a domestic violence protection order should have prevented the pair associating with each other.‬

‪Both had been drinking before a neighbour heard the woman shout for help through an open window of a St Bees address which was then closed.‬ Watson assaulted the woman by grabbing hold of her and forcing a pen into her mouth, dislodging dentures while making threats.‬

‪Watson denied both an actual bodily harm assault charge, along with false imprisonment, but was convicted of both offences by a jury after a trial.‬

‪Watson’s victim had provided an impact statement in the aftermath of his offending. “She talks about her life being ruined by the defendant,” said prosecutor Tim Evans. She suffered nightmares, was on medication for anxiety and depression, had her trust in others shattered and worried whether she would ever get over what happened.‬

‪Kim Whittlestone, for Watson, conceded an “appalling” incident involved “extremely serious offences”, but suggested: “This is a man who can be rehabilitated.”‬

‪Judge Nicholas Barker concluded that Watson had been violent and abusive towards his former partner during their relationship, but also acknowledged that at times she had been violent towards the defendant.‬

‪Watson, previously of Hensingham and latterly of Weavers Court, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, was given an immediate 15-month jail sentence, and banned from contacting the woman for the next five years.‬

‪“This period of abuse, detention and threats was sustained, and clearly very distressing,” said Judge Barker.‬