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New timetable for Wainwright Award 2020

Wainwright posing with pen and book

#A new timetable has been agreed for a Cumbrian award.

Kendal Town Council has agreed that because of COVID-19 restrictions, a new timetable should be drawn up for the Wainwright Award 2020.

The annual award is given to person, persons, club, association, society or other local body (political activities excluded), who has done the most to promote the prestige of Kendal or has contributed significantly to the area.

It was first made in 1989, following a generous bequest from the bestselling guidebook writer and one-time Kendal Borough Council treasurer, Alfred Wainwright.

Due to issues during the COVID-19 crisis, the council did not advertise the award last summer
the summer, but at a full meeting yesterday councillors agreed that a special case could be made and a new
timetable for the award could be drawn up.

Town mayor Alvin Finch said: “It was a hard decision to make an award for 2020 – it was such a difficult year
for so many people.

“Many have been prevented from carrying out their roles in the community, others have stepped up to roles they never envisaged. We hope this will go some way towards recognizing that this was an extraordinary year.”

Nominations for the 2020 award should be made to the town clerk at the Town Hall,
Kendal ([email protected]) by May 31.

It is open to any group or individual who was active in the town in 2020. Self-nomination is not allowed.