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Cumbrian Artist’s Drawing promotes the beauty of the River Eden

‘Dissolved Daffodils; the River Eden’, Cumberland Copyright ROBIN OLIVER All rights reserved

[A] Drawing made by Cumberland born Artist, Robin Oliver, has been selected, by a panel, at Lancaster University; to be exhibited as part of a Curated, multi-disciplinary exhibition, presented from within ‘the Peter Scott Gallery’ of the University this weekend.

The ‘Telling in Full Exhibition’ as it is called, seeks to link Fine Art to Literature in a considered way.

A call out to National and International Artists had requested proposals from those working in all media. The resulting work would be that which has been made in response to a piece of Literature.

Robin’s popular and striking image created using his trademark Yellow was submitted by the Artist for possible consideration earlier this year.

This selected Drawing was inspired by Robin’s study of ‘the River Eden’, near Carlisle, Cumbria, and by his reading of William Wordsworth’s Poem; about that same River, which is referred to as “The River Eden”. (William Wordsworth 1770-1850)

Yellow watercolour and a touch of Green were added by Robin to his drawing made in Black pigment ink to represent the colour of Daffodils! (Imagining that the Daffodils of Spring have dissolved into the River Eden water, turning it bright yellow!)

A reference by Robin, to another of William Wordsworth’s most recited and beloved poems ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ (first published in 1807) which describes ‘a Host of Golden Daffodils.’

During one of his many study visits along the Banks of the River Eden, Robin himself was inspired to note in his sketchbook; some of what his riverside walks and observations have meant to him.

Robin’s words are included here;


It began, following the reading of a poem,

and the need to take some air and exercise.

My It became a walk beside the River Eden.

The walk beside the River Eden was repeated.

It became hope, interest and visual stimulation.

It became delightful fragrances, stunning colours, and beautiful glimpses of nature.

It became chance meetings, conversations, surprises and inspiration.

It became; a period of observation, discovery, new learning, and profound appreciation.

It became Eden.

Eden became Art.

Art has become life, expression and meaning.

It © Copyright Robin Oliver, all rights reserved

The Selection Panel for the Telling in Full Exhibition concluded that Robin’s Drawing is both; ‘excellent and dynamic!’

In addition, the Lancaster University curating team have been successful in their bid to receive funding from; Arts Council England, to produce an Exhibition show catalogue which will include the Selected Artists work.

It is a fact that; Robin’s images represent his slow and gentle evolution as an artist, recording what is observed after looking, and looking again. They are, as he says; representations of what the artist both sees and imagines. His increasingly popular work remains experimental, constantly changing and evolving.

The Telling in Full Exhibition, from the Peter Scott Gallery, of Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YW; Has its opening night on; Thursday 6th July 2017 from 6; 30 pm to 8 00 pm with live performances.

Then; Friday, July 7th, 10 am to 5 pm & July 8th, 11 am to 4 pm.

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