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Tuesday Talk re-visits Dunkirk

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life in Carlisle Castle

[C]umbria’s Museum of Military Life in Carlisle Castle Tuesday Talks series continues with North West First World War Officer Major Paul Knight visiting the Museum on Tuesday 8 May.

Major Knight will be telling the story of how the British Army reached Dunkirk, and where Christopher Nolan’s 2017 Dunkirk starts.

Major Knight is the First World War project officer for the Army in the North West and who has a particular interest in the role of the Territorials.

During the talk he will discuss how their role changed by 1939, and how they performed in the desperate summer of 1940. 42nd (East Lancashire) Division during 1939/1940 included three battalions of the Border Regiment and was located at the southernmost end of the British Army as it retreated to Dunkirk and safety. In this position, the division fought a series of actions to hold back the German Blitzkrieg. On each occasion it held of the Germans, and then withdrew overnight.

The talk will starts at 6:00pm (doors open 5.30pm)

Tickets are £5 each (£6 on the door) and can be booked by calling the Museum on (01228) 532774 or email: [email protected] or online