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Dry weather sparks fire concern in National Park

[V]isitors to the Yorkshire Dales National Park are being asked to be particularly vigilant to reduce the risk of moorland and grassland fires.

The recent warm, dry weather, coupled with low rainfall, means that, increasingly, conditions on the moors are becoming drier, according to Alan Hulme, Head of Park Management for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA).

With the warm weather set to continue over the next few days, the risk of a fire is becoming a concern and fire risk warning notices are being put up around the National Park by Rangers to highlight the issue.

Alan said that, in these dry conditions, moorland fires could spread very quickly and could be devastating to the landscape and its wildlife, and especially, at this time of year, to ground nesting birds.

“We obviously want people to come and enjoy the Yorkshire Dales, but we would urge them to do what they can to help us prevent a fire from breaking out,” he said.

“Visitors should avoid lighting fires on or near the moorland and should not discard cigarettes, matches or glass bottles. And do not light any fires or barbecues on or near the moorland area.

“If you see a fire, report it immediately to the fire service by phoning 999 so that they can take appropriate action.”

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