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Workington damage and threat man picked “wrong house”, court told

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] WORKINGTON man who broke a stranger’s window and threatened to slash him with scissors has been sent to prison for eight months.

Keith Paul James Dalzell, 45, was described as being “off his head” by a witness who saw him behaving badly outside a town flat on May 23.

Dalzell made threats on the doorstep to occupants who didn’t recognise him, before tossing a brick through their kitchen window. He was filmed on a phone as he brandished a pair of scissors towards one of the householders, whom he threatened both to “cut” and “kill”.

Carlisle Crown Court heard Dalzell had actually picked the wrong house as he sought to seek “foolish retaliation” against those he believed had caused previous problems.

Dalzell, of Falcon Place, Workington, was jailed for eight months having admitted affray, damaging property and having a bladed article.

“You took it out on the wrong house, on the wrong people,” Judge Barbara Forrester told a defendant with 116 criminal offences on his record.