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‘Residents and business owners know their town best’ says Keswick MP after hundreds respond to parking survey

Trudy Harrison MP

[T]he MP for Copeland has thanked residents and business owners for their efforts in responding to a public survey that aimed to establish local views on parking in the town.

More than 450 households and business owners in Keswick have responded to Trudy Harrison MP’s survey that asked for public opinion on questions such as ‘How easy is it to park between Monday to Friday’.

It follow an agreement in a public meeting attended by Mrs Harrison and Keswick residents and business owners that a survey would help to identify the exact issues surrounding parking within the town.

The results of the survey will now be analysed and the findings made public at a meeting to be held in the autumn.

Mrs Harrison, said: “It is imperative that those who are living, running businesses and working in Keswick must have their views and experiences listened to and better understood.

“The people of Keswick have been given a voluntary opportunity and I am so grateful that so many, indeed many more than expected, have taken the time and effort to respond as well as providing very helpful personal insights and suggestions too.

“I feel that the solutions will not be a one for all, but a programme of small interventions with each of the organisations and individuals responsible in Keswick taking a keen interest.”

Mrs Harrison’s decision to understand the issues surrounding parking in the town came after concerns were raised about Cumbria County Council’s plans to introduce a residents’ parking scheme.

The council’s proposals include imposing two-hour daily restrictions to be in operation from 8:30am – 6pm with permits being issued to all local residents with cars and to some B&B guests.

Business owners and residents claim that introducing a parking scheme does not take into account the needs of local residents and businesses.

Mrs Harrison, added: “Local residents and businesses know their town best, it is not for out of town organisations to impose solutions, restrictions or other interventions – and the survey demonstrates, by comments from local people who really do understand the causes and consequences, that there are many small changes that could really help.

“I will always seek the perspectives of local people and challenge decisions made by others, I feel it is my job to do so.”

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