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Talking Tuesday events continue with ‘The breweries of West Cumbria’

Glassware and ceramics enthusiast, Tony Calvin

THE POPULAR Talking Tuesday events continue at Whitehaven’s Beacon Museum on February 12, with a talk from brewery enthusiast Tony Calvin.

The theme for this month’s meeting is the breweries of West Cumbria, and Tony will uncover the stories of breweries and distilleries now lost to time.

Alan Irwin, the Beacon Museum’s business development officer, said: “Tony is a well-regarded collector of ceramics and glassware from this area. There is very little he doesn’t know about the history of local potteries and other such businesses that have left behind the remnants of their trade. One just has to walk along the coastline around Whitehaven to see fascinating fragments of jugs, bowls, and bottles that point to the industries that sprang up here in the past.”

Attendees will also be treated to some small tastings of products from the West Cumbrian breweries of today, as well as the usual refreshments provided.

The event takes place in the Beacon Portal at 2pm and costs £4.50 per person. Spaces can be reserved by calling 01946 592302. The session is open to all ages, but the alcohol tasting is for over 18s only.

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