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Woman admits Sainsbury’s alcohol thefts

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A woman has appeared in court and admitted stealing alcohol from Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Carlisle and Kendal.

Appearing by a video-link from prison Lonela Cozma gave her address to Carlisle Magistrates Court as Baguley Crescent, Manchester.

She is charged with five counts of theft from the Sainsbury’s store on Caldewgate, Carlisle and their store in Kendal.

Cozma pleaded not-guilty to all charges when she first appeared in court from police custody on Saturday March 9. Today (Thursday) through a Romanian interpreter she pleaded-guilty to all offences.

The thefts took place between December 10, 2018 and March 3, 2019  and involved a large quantity of alcoholic drinks which amounted to £1,950 the highest single theft amounted to £489 from the Carlisle store.

District Judge Gerald Chalk was told all the thefts were of a similar nature, Cozma went into the supermarkets with another person, (Marius Popescu) a shopping trolley was filled with alcohol and left in an aisle for one of them to push the trolley outside the store without payment.

Diane Jackson prosecuting said the pair came to the area to carry out the thefts, the judge was told all the offences were committed by these two-people and they targeted these stores.

A “proficient and professional shoplifter” is how the judge described her.

She was remanded in custody, and will be sentenced at the magistrates court on March 18.

The other person involved in these thefts Marius Popescu, was sentenced earlier this week to 190-days in custody.