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Kendal danger driver who led police on high speed night time chase is jailed

A DANGER-driver who crashed on a Kendal roundabout after leading police on a high speed night-time chase has been jailed.

Marcus Houlsworth, 23, was pursued in the early hours of August 4 last year amid concerns over the speed of a Volkswagen Passat, which was seen to mount a kerb.

Yet despite being ordered to pull over, Houlsworth drove on. Police clocked 83mph in a 30mph zone and 90mph in a 40mph area as they gave chase.

Houlsworth then lost control of the car, mounted a roundabout and crashed into a tree. A PC swiftly on the scene found he and two female passengers in the back of his vehicle.

Carlisle Crown Court heard Houlsworth had tried to put police off the scent by urging the females to falsely report that another man had been driving before making off – a lie he also initially told.

But he later admitted dangerous driving, and was jailed for seven and a half months earlier today (WED).

Judge James Adkin heard Houlsworth, of Vicars Fields, Kendal, had never passed his driving test, and had 32 criminal offences on his record.

“It was incredibly dangerous driving,” said Judge Adkin as he jailed him for 210 days.

“You need to learn the lesson that the rules of the road apply to you, too. You’re not entitled to drive, and you’re certainly not entitled to drive in the dangerous manner that you did.”

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