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Police make further appeal over missing Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith

Police are continuing their missing person investigation to find Leanne Smith, who has been missing from Whitehaven since September 15.

The investigation has included searches of coastal, rural and urban areas in and around Whitehaven, utilising specialist trained search officers, police dogs and police drones.

Officers have also called on the assistance of the Coastguard.

These searches have taken place over a number of days.

Officers continue to assess information from inquiries to identify further potential search areas.

In addition, specialist officers have been utilised and continue to conduct technical and forensic inquiries in an effort to find Leanne.

Inspector Jim Lloyd said: “Numerous potential lines of inquiry have also been followed up around the country, speaking with members of the public who may have information about Leanne and assessing potential sightings outside of Cumbria.

“We are aware of some inaccurate information circulating on social media platforms, commentating on investigative events.

“This can cause additional distress to family and friends at a clearly difficult time.

“We would ask that members of the public refrain from uninformed commentary or speculation.”

Leanne was last seen wearing a blue coat and carrying a handbag. She has black shoulder-length hair in a ponytail.

She has links to the Nottingham area.

Anyone who has seen Leanne is urged to contact police on 101.

Officers would also like to urge Leanne to contact this number if she sees this appeal.

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