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Cumbria’s Big Pub Quiz Raises Thousands for Children

A synchronised quiz night at multiple venues across Cumbria has raised more than £4,900 for the NSPCC.

Masterminds all over the county took part in the big quiz weekend from the 7th to the 11th of October 2019, with 10 quizzes taking place in total including a special quiz night in Sunderland. Now the total has been counted and adds up to a whopping £4,900!

Supported by the Sunderland Business Board and the Museum Pub in Carlisle, the quiz will help the NSPCC’s school service reach even more children with our Speak out. Stay safe assemblies.

In the last academic year alone our wonderful volunteers spoke to 10,871 children, visiting 103 schools across Cumbria. But we want to visit every school and speak to every child.

These assemblies and workshops are to teach children what abuse is and what to do if they think it might be happening to them or someone they know. This early intervention is crucial in preventing cruelty to children.

Sandra Jones, Fundraising Manager for Cumbria, said “It’s great to get the whole county involved in raising money to help protect local children. Hopefully this will encourage more people across Cumbria to host their own quizzes in aid of the NSPCC!”

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